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Monday, 16 Oct 2017
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OptimScan 3D Scanner | White Light Scanner Featured

Message Tech Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:29
OptimScan 3D scanner, as the third generation of Shining 3D high resolution white light scanner, it is designed based on upgrade of the classic OpticScan 3D Scanner systems, with the key features of non-contact scanning, high accuracy and long lifetime. Optimscan 3D Scanner brings higher resolution, better configuration, and faster scanning time. Applicable in 3D measuring of Aerospace, Automobile, Mold industry etc.
● Data capture:
3D Measurement, 3D Scanning, 3D Archive;
● R&D: CAD Design,
Reverse Engineering, Rapid prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing
3D Inspection: CAV & CAE anlysis
1. Higher Performance
  • Adopt the higher graded components from Germany, which allow obtain more data detail and achieve higher precision, and scanning quality;
  • SHININGFORM XOR or XOV included, which has rich functions for reverse design and 3D quality inspection. By controlling 3D scanning directly with Shiningform, users can easily achieve an integrated process from data scanning to reverse engineering or 3D inspection, which greatly improves the work efficiency;
Part2 Part3
2. User-friendly Design
  • Integrated Aluminum alloy frame and partially using carbon fiber like material, which ensures the product higher stability;
  • Portable handle makes it easy to operate;
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