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Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017
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OpticScan 3D Scanners | 3D Digitizer Featured

Message Tech Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:30
OpticScan 3D Scanners are the most versatile and popular 3D Scanners of Shining3D-Scanner. One scanner with the capability to provide the accuracy and detail required for 3D scanning of jewelry, medium size sculptures, even large-scale cultural relics, etc.OpticScan include two series:
● OpticScan-D: Dual Lens Series
● OpticScan-Q: Four Lens Series are available to change scan range freely without re-calibration.
OpticScan 3D Scanners scan the 3D digital model of freeform surface object with high accuracy in short time.
● Data capture: 3D Measurement, 3D Scanning, 3D Archive;
● R&D: CAD Design,Reverse Engineering, RP&RM;
● 3D Inspection: CAV & CAE anlysis
1.High Accuracy
- On the basis of German optical scan standard VAID / VDE 2634, the highest single range accuracy reaches 7μm.
- Create highly dense cloud piont data with clear surface details.
- Software available to noise removal with high accuracy.
2.Get surface data easily
- Use non-contact measurement, get surface data easily, suitable for soft object or complex surfaced ones.
- Single range scan within 5 seconds to obtain accurate 3D data, ensuring high efficiency.
3.Safe and easy
- No damage to molds, samples or cultural relics.
- Use white light scanning, no damage to eyes.
- Small and portable, fit for large or heavy objects measuring.
4.Change scan range freely
- Four lens series are available to change scan range freely without re-calibration.
- OpticScan 3D Scanners widely applied in industrial components, consumer products, cultural relics and jewelries,etc.
- High quality but reasonable price,which helps you achieve the maximum benefits with the minimum investment
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